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Eat your words - 

I left college during my second year to attend treatment in Denver, CO. Kind of like I was continuing my education in "the psychology of Lydia's eating disorder".

This in fact was my first rodeo and I had no idea what to expect from treatment. What clothing was appropriate to bring, what my day would be like, the length of my stay, ect. Now, I don't have the clearest memory of this (considering I was in the delightful malnourished and manic stage of my eating disorder) but I do not remember finding the information I sought. Or if I did, I completely neglected it because I brought all of the wrong things and was blindsided about the recovery culture.

I aim to fill Eat Your Words with musings and photos, to provide insight for:

those in their eating disorder, those in recovery, family members, friends, and those that care to learn.

A balance of pre-anorexic Lydia, restrictive Lydia, attending treatment Lydia, and recovery Lydia. The multiple roles I have played throughout my 25 years of life.

Eating disorders are a deadly disease and I do not tolerate people downplaying their severity. However, I do find it necessary -for my recovery- to shed light on my experience.