Hi, I'm Lydia!

chronic conversationalist

& recovery enthusiast

I was a late bloomer in the eating disorder world. Diagnosed at age 19 with a trifecta of mental illnesses-Anorexia Nervosa, Depression, and Anxiety. Now, at 24, I've been in recovery for the longest period of time since being diagnosed 5 years ago. 

And I am more than just the mental illnesses. I am a lover of connection and exploring the inner-workings  of relationships. Sunlight fuels my energy-Colorado sunlight is a major component of my recovery recipe. Anthropologie candles, organic skin care products, and thrift store fashion fill my home.

And I struggle daily. I keep my therapist, dietician, and emotions in the forefront of my mind. Everyday I choose to actively engage in my recovery. Everyday I have the opportunity to engage and choose to restrict myself of food, of love, of community-and I deliberately chose to expose myself to all of these in excess in return. F*** off eating disorder.


Creating Restoration Rhino is an adjunct to my mental wellness prescription-which does include a variety of medications and my Pomeranians. RR is where I aim to dump all of the beauty and bitterness that surrounds recovery.

This space is available as a resource to those engaging in their eating disorders, those searching for recovery, those in recovery, the family members, the friends, and the curious others with the desire to learn about this disorder. Disclosure: I am not yet a clinician nor should my story be used as a comparison for anyone else's experience. 

Endless gratitude,




My partner, travel buddy, dog- daddy, and photographer. He is constantly directing me and inspiring me through the way he moves through the world. His curiosity of human behavior and desire to create change in the world are two of the many things that drew me to him. Without James’s constant support and love of capturing-the-moment, Restoration Rhino would not be what it is today. Recovery isn’t easy, but having solid, support by my side makes it a hell of a lot simpler. Nothing but the most love and appreciation for you, James P.